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“Thanks for the new photos page; that is a brilliant idea and will make it much easier and clearer.”
Marie D., Cookietown OK
“Hi Dr. Holliston?. Just visited NoMeansWhatever! What would I do without it! I was just diagnosed with mild tinnitus and I will now start learning about that disease. Now I am on a new path but with NoMeansWhatever on my browser I feel as though I can go down the path with some help for the burning and tingling I experience each day.”
Mickey B., Blue Goose Bucksnort TN
“This is great stuff. Really helps to drown out the cries of ‘turn that racket down!'”
Brittani L., Butternuts NY
“Without Nomeanswhatever.com, my feet were wet and cold, after visiting this amazing site, my feet were dry and warm.”
Kat D., Malignant Cove NS
“Oh my god! I just turned thirty and already I have dark hairs growing from my chin. I am not even married! I will never forget that day, it has haunted me ever since. Now, ten years later, and oh so wiser, I have done something I should have done years ago: I visited Nomeanswhatever.com.”
Joanna M., Jiggs NV

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  • No-means-no.de – Holger Summer’s excellent fansite with all the discography and tour history information you’ll ever want to know. Plus, it’s factual.
  • Satan Stole My Teddybear – your guide to heavy metal, punk, industrial, rock and electronic music.
  • Melanie Kaye PR – Canada’s finest PR Guru.