Tour FAQ

A little disclaimer. Astute readers may have already figured out that much of what is presented on is, shall we say, lagging in the accuracy department. The Tour Dates page is exempt from the tomfoolery that has seemed to follow the band since their inception. NoMeansNo has long felt the best way to experience their music is to come see them live. Please support NoMeansNo by attending a concert, if at all possible. They cannot even begin to thank you, the fan, for the many years of loyal support on the road and around the world. They are humbled by your continued interest.

NoMeansNo allows sharing of bootleg recordings of concerts. Please visit the forum for shares and more information. Photography is encouraged, though the band requests you stay off the stage and keep your cameras at a reasonable distance from their eyes, especially if using a flash. Occasionally enthusiastic fans will wave a camera a bit too close to John or Tom’s eyes, which is very distracting. Please show some basic courtesies so that you’re not affecting the show.

Upcoming Tour Dates
Date (mm/dd/yy)LocationVenue
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All dates subject to change
last updated: 01.01.16

For NOmeansno’s tour history, please visit Holger Sumner’s terrific website.